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i am you

& you are me2018                                           


subtle love     


preparation     sleepless night
4:00 AM no one awake but boats

robe tied   oil steeped

moving slowly to shore

crisp air like cool breath on wrists

first light 4:44 AM

screaming cry of seagulls
low tide   slipping stones  &  itching legs

burning retinas     missing sun     


sitting like a rock

waiting for light to break

clouds     oil to crown 5:05 AM

sunrise     oil to sole 5:16 AM

rain    the divine 5:18 AM

submerge   58° ocean

sprinting heart     breaking waves     emerge  day





[be prepared]

[ask permission]

[protect yourself]

[approach respectfuly]

[pray for guidance]

failed attempt at fire 5:20 PM

black charcoal   unlit copal

co-conspirator 5:29 PM candle / sticks / matches

      fingers   flame  &  smoke

                spiraling sweet aroma 5:34 PM

                  a different state of mind

          a deeper presence of body

      awakened 11th sense 5:50 PM

                      the distinction between

      past & present gone 6:47 PM         

the difference between

             physical & nonphysical

                                         vanished 8:52 PM

axis Mundi

[or learning from trees] 2018


[listen to wind]


[forehead to trunk]


[keep feet on ground]


[absorb cells of tree]

Night Vision

[a dream recitation]


secret acts

duration: 12 years, 2001—2013



phase transition /

         of a substance

directly from

a solid         to  a                                g     a     s

      / defense mechanism

                  in which

        socially                           unacceptable

                 impulses or idealizations are

                                unconsciously          transformed into socially

    acceptable actions

                                                       or behavior

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